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Virtual Reality (VR)

Atlant architecture office provides its suggested plan to the employer with real scale in the fastest possible time and with an economical cost through Virtual Reality technology in order to move in the modeled building with all designing details, construction material and building space decorated with furniture and have a special comprehension and maybe suggest a modification if needed.


Architecture Model

After finalizing the project plan – request from employer - the replica is prepared and produced with the desired scale, material and furniture to show a better design and get a more comprehensive understanding from the mass and space.


Energy & lighting

In the conceptual design phase for designers, analysis of building energy consumption is so useful. To do this, Atlant architecture group has used specialized energy consumption optimizing software, refrigeration and heating systems. Regarding this, in all spaces such as interior, Facades, passages, grounds and its components with defining the used material are stimulated in 2D and 3D and you can calculate the needed light for the environment just through entering parameters like Dimensions, color and available light sources. Hereby, the number, the power and the best place to locate the lamps is recognized, the light intensity is calculated and the glare is determined in order not to fatigue the eyes. Deciding the most suitable light and color for the environment is modeled and estimating the lighting needed are the other features provided to the employer through software like DIALux.


Digital Album

An album with an LCD showing an animated form of the building is prepared in which the high quality pictures of the details from the internal or external design of building to introduce a project in more details.


Final Album

While delivering the final design of the project, it is necessary to provide a building information modeling (BIM) album comprised of all the interior, exterior and furniture components in 3D. Using this modeling information, all pre-construction design issues and problems are corrected, including reduction of additional materials, construction time, and overall cost. Also, after the completion of the construction of this album, it will be used as a reference for managing the facilities in the future maintenance of the building.