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Architect's Night

1400/11/13 - 10:23
Majestic Buildings Event

MARCH 2022 - 17:08
Happy Persian New Year

2021 March
Happy Persian New Year
2020 Dec
Happy Yalda
2020 Sep
Architecture Exhibition
2020 March
Happy Persian New Year
2019 Apr
Happy Architect Day
2018 Dec
Reflections of the Conference in the News Agency
2018 Dec 9
The Fifth National Conference on Sustainable Architecture
Visiting the Architecture Award

Khaneh Kaboutar

2018 Jan
Lecturer at Qazvin Azad University
2018 March
Shahid Beheshti University International Conference Center

From university to professional experience

Mahdi Alambeigi

With Morteza Moghadam and Ali Ghoroghi

2017 Aug
Architecture Online TV

Your Responsibility in Promoting Architecture

2017 July
Goftogu Radio

Secretary of the Architecture Department of the Architecture Guild Association